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February 27, 2024 6:00pm

Paraglider - how to get into the air as soon as possible?

The only thing we need to get to the seaside cliff is courage and stamina. Just fly. Flying on a paraglider is not a cheap interest, but it's the only possibility where we don't need much experience to be able to rise above the peaks. When all the marinas are sunk, spring will come, and then on various cliffs (Eagles, Krynica Morska, Jastrzębia Góra) we can find the first amateurs of this sport, who are preparing to rise up. What do you need to do to join them as soon as possible?

The quickest way to fly

Let's start with the simplest and quickest way. If you do not want to spend time on training because you want to just try it, you should definitely think about choosing a tandem flight with an instructor. He will take care of everything else, and you can devote yourself fully to the magic of flying. The price for such experience should be PLN 200 and the flight takes about 20 minutes. Longer flights are not recommended for inexperienced people, because after this time we may have trouble with the error. The temperature itself should also be optimal (no precipitation is necessary) and the wind should not blow more than 5-10 m/sec.

License - what does it involve?

Those who, after this attempt, decide that this is a sport that they would like to continue, will be offered a professional training, so that they can fly independently. After such training you will receive a special license. Why should we spend our time getting such a document? According to the instructor from Klif Paragliding Cliffs school, you cannot practice this discipline on your own, because if we want to fly safely, we need proper preparation, and those who want to do paragliding do not need any medical examinations, except for this license.

paragliding course

What does such training look like? First we need to learn the basics of proper mounting of equipment and wings. Then we slowly try to break away from the ground, at first with the assistance of an instructor, and then alone. A paraglider is a very precise device. The landing point can be planned as far as the subway, so it is worth to learn the basics, leading to perfection. Not educating here can result in an "accidental" landing on a tree, and if the police meet you at that moment, they will certainly ask you about your licence and if you do not have one, you will be punished.

Required equipment

Once the student has completed the course, he or she can afford to fly solo or rent specialist equipment. Although it is worth investing in the sport itself, the paraglider itself is not a cheap purchase. Its total cost, including all that is necessary to fly, will amount to several thousand zlotys. In addition to the "sailing" flights described above, we can also opt for thermal flights, which use the power of air currents and allow you to rise up to 700 meters.

The decision is up to you, but the most important thing is not to start your adventure with a paraglider without an instructor at your side.