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September 22, 2023 3:27am


Sports for weight loss? Squash!

Striving for a healthy figure, an active lifestyle and vitality - these trends are constantly at the top of many people's dreams. However, the busy world and the multitude of duties definitely make it difficult to keep a diet or watch daily...

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Paraglider - how to get into the air as soon as possible?

The only thing we need to get to the seaside cliff is courage and stamina. Just fly. Flying on a paraglider is not a cheap interest, but it's the only possibility where we don't need much experience to be able to rise above the peaks. When all...

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Home gym with an atlas for exercise

Many of us value the privacy at home more than crowded and expensive gyms. In this group there are mainly people who find it difficult to correlate a further located gym with working hours. We feel more comfortable, we can practice with our own music or film, and most importantly, we don't have...