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December 8, 2023 2:12pm

Home gym with an atlas for exercise

Many of us value the privacy at home more than crowded and expensive gyms. In this group there are mainly people who find it difficult to correlate a further located gym with working hours. We feel more comfortable, we can practice with our own music or film, and most importantly, we don't have to wait for another person to release our equipment. Too long breaks between series are annoying and have a bad effect on the overall training. The solution to all these inconveniences is the purchase of an atlas for exercises.

What do you need to know about the atlas?

This time it has nothing to do with maps. It is a multifunctional device on which you can exercise from many directions, present in most of the gyms. It is used to perform workouts of many different muscle groups. How much exercise you will be able to perform on it depends on the level of advancement of the device. A workout atlas with many functions will be the effective equivalent of a gym in our apartment.

However, you should read a few important product information before you buy it. Thanks to this, it will be a purchase that will fulfil its function for many years to come. The first detail is the dimensions of the device. We need to find enough space - the exercise atlases are really big. In addition, not all elements can be folded and stored, e.g. in a cupboard. In addition, we should check the maximum permissible weight of the user, especially when we are tall or have spent many years building impressive muscle tissue. Let's buy equipment from reliable brands that provide the highest quality materials and workmanship. If you buy an atlas that is too cheap, there is a risk of dangerous situations during exercises. No less important is to familiarize yourself with the functions offered by the atlas in terms of the exercises you will want to perform and our advancement.

Advantages of atlas exercise

What actually distinguishes this equipment from free weight exercises? First of all, according to many coaches, it is safer than the second training option and generates less injuries, so it is recommended to beginners who are sure to be satisfied with it. Increased safety also makes it more suitable for people after injuries. Another advantage is the possibility to exercise a specific part of the muscles while isolating the remaining ones. Confidence of movement and the guarantee of proper exercise ensure that the weight is guided on ropes or slides. So you can practice on your own, without any safety nets.

Training with free weights requires above all experience. Improper exercise or too much weight can cause spinal pain. Exercise with a heavy load requires additional belaying of the other person. Compared to an atlas of exercises, their advantages are lower purchase costs and small storage space.

The ideal solution is to combine these two methods of training. This, however, takes time and skill, because our health and safety must come first.