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December 8, 2023 2:09pm

Do you know what men in relationships need?

Girls absorb the pattern of a man in fairy tales and fairy tales, where he is depicted as a knight in iron armor, who fights evil and is ready to sacrifice his life to defend his beloved. Sometimes he is a shoemaker or a common robber, who finds a magic lamp and becomes a dream prince. Unfortunately, no girl has ever seen a knight on a white horse, and many a great man has lost his self-confidence, because all the animations we know for girls focus on the needs of women, and for boys... well, that's right, they show superheroes, strong, hiding feelings and independent. How do you know what men in relationships need?

7 men's needs - meeting them will help to create an ideal relationship

This results in frequent communication problems, the man prefers to suffer in silence or take care of side issues, because he is not taught to talk openly and thus inform about his needs. Every knight sometimes has to take off his armor in order to see a real man - a strong being, but also one composed of emotions such as sadness and uncertainty. A man in a relationship needs seven things:

  1. Compliments and support

It is important for a partner to approve a man as he is, it is good to get assurances that a woman is happy with our career, our style of dress and what kind of lovers we are. It is also good to feel appreciated when we prepare a surprise. We like it when a woman can show off her physical and personality qualities.

  1. Seriousness

Is it any wonder that respect and love should go hand in hand? If we feel that a woman is not comfortable with our behavior or our profession, we cannot trust her, and thus open ourselves to her. If we don't like someone, can we be loved and does this person really want our good?

  1. Physical proximity

Women often do not understand that we feel more connected through intercourse than through verbal communication. It's not about having sex 24 hours a day, but it's about talking about what makes both sides feel better about each other. Sometimes a simple hug or kiss is enough for us to know that a woman is open to the relationship that connects us.

  1. Emotional bond

"Guys don't cry." - sounds familiar? I don't think any of us can count how many times he's heard it from his loved ones. We have an age-old ban on showing weakness. However, stereotypes must be overcome, because uncertainty about whether fear is something natural in men, if the partner does not accept it or even laughs, it will be difficult for both sides to build an emotional bond.

  1. A sense of freedom

A man always needs more space in a relationship, which doesn't mean he doesn't like spending time with his partner. However, he must have a moment to "breathe", i.e. to realize his passions or to meet his colleagues, this freedom means that you trust each other in your relationship, which is one of the pillars of your relationship.

  1. Sensitivity

When our partner touches our hand, plays with our hair or muscles, we are almost as happy as if we were just after sex. Touch is for us a sphere of closeness that assures us of the love of our partner.

  1. Security

Contrary to appearances, we like the feeling of stability, so if we feel that the partner is involved in the relationship, it is easier for us to open up to her. First of all, you need to understand the concept of safety, because it is not only about your partner not leaving you. It also includes acceptance of our personality, trust and satisfaction of needs.

How to change your relationship?

If you don't know how to start a conversation with your partner and tell her about your needs in the relationship, why not start by sending her this article?