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February 27, 2024 5:21pm

What kind of shoes should men wear to jeans? Several good practices

There's no need to write about how popular and comfortable jeans are - especially if you can find them on a hanger in any store. We're sure you have at least one pair of these pants in your closet, but do you know how to match them with the right footwear? Here are some suggestions on what kind of shoes to wear in jeans.

Adidas vs. Skate

A classic from all over the city design. These sneakers are comfortable to wear - thanks to their slender shirt that holds your feet firmly. The side panel is decorated with three iconic belts that add a sporty touch and a sense of self-confidence. The whole is finished with a classic rubber sole, and the material used ensures proper air circulation. These shoes are comfortable and elegant at the same time.

New Balance GM500SK

A classic model that can be the perfect foundation for any jeans look. New Balance is a brand that came to us from Boston. A characteristic feature of this shoe is the letter "N" on the side panel. If you are the type of person who proudly wears bright colors, you will have no problem finding the right model for yourself.

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Reebok Royal Complete PMW

The next item is a model of year-round shoes. Protection against cold is provided by a high upper, which stabilizes and insulates the foot. Reebok Royal Complete PMW shoes are made of natural leather and nubuck, and the interior of the shoes is lined with textile padding, which ensures durability and thermal comfort. They are also suitable for athletes because the midsole is lined with EVA foam, which has a cushioning effect. Such comfortable shoes will find their proper application in everyone who appreciates comfort and versatility.

Nike Court Royale Suede

If suede is one of your favourite materials, you should definitely pay attention to these shoes. Their additional advantage is the design, which refers to the retro style. The upper of these shoes is made of natural leather. The shoes are characterized by good air circulation, which is especially important for the comfort of use. The herringbone sole provides good grip, so it is also suitable for people who like sports activities. They are available in a wide range of colours.

Nike Incursion Mid

The last proposition are shoes from the Oregon concern, which opted for people who like to stand out on the city streets. Nike Incursion Mid is an example of exceptional decoration using modern styling. The extended profile of the footwear also influences the stabilization of the foot, which makes it an attractive offer for athletes. Atypical model is available in many colors.