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December 8, 2023 12:38pm

Sweater as a convenient alternative to a jacket

Universal jacket to must have in every men's wardrobe. Its advantage is that it can be adjusted to many stylizations, contrary to appearances, not only formal! It can become a springboard for those who wear suits every day and want to wear something more comfortable and still stylish. Men who like t-shirts and jeans, on the other hand, will create a more elegant set with an informal jacket for special occasions. Properly matched, it gives class and dignity, covers disadvantages and exposes the advantages of the silhouette. However, if the reluctance to wear this type of clothes still requires looking for other stylistic solutions, it is worth investing in an elegant sweater.

Compromise in the smart casual style

Can it be achieved by rejecting the idea of buying a sports jacket? Turns out, yes, and her replacement could be a sweater. Although its primary function from the start has been to warm up, it has become particularly important in recent years in the clothing industry. The knitted fabric used to be worn mainly by workers and athletes, but with time it became part of everyday fashion. In addition, the collection and colours of the fabrics used for sewing sweaters were diversified.

Eventually, the sweater became also a replacement for the jacket. It's the Italians who particularly like to put on uniform sweaters for elegant shirts instead. Contemporary Italian style is precisely these two elements enriched with the right tie. In this way, a universal, semi-elegant and, above all, comfortable composition is created, which fits into the currently very fashionable smart casual style. Of course, every man has opportunities that can't be missed without a jacket. The second thing to keep in mind is that sweaters expose the belly, which can be optically reduced with a well-chosen jacket.

Basic sweater models

At the top of the hierarchy of elegant sweaters is a cardigan, because its cut, combined with the right type of knitwear and weave, is most reminiscent of a jacket. Its greatest advantage is the exposition of the shirt and tie. The latter element, like the shirt, should be informal (e.g. wool or matt silk). No shiny silk, reserved for suits.

The well-known cheese sweater is another proposal to combine with a shirt and tie, which this time will be hidden. It is important that regardless of whether the shirt is fastened or unfastened at the neck, the collar padding does not extend beyond the neckline and does not run sideways.

The third smart casual variant is a sweater with a round finish. It is the least formal of these models. Its disadvantage is the low visibility of the tie, but not some of the opportunities are fully sufficient. You should also hide your sweater pads underneath your sweater.

In addition to the above types, there are also sweaters with high collars and zippers, also from Italian streets. However, they do not fit in with the semi-formal style, because they completely cover the shirt.