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February 27, 2024 6:51pm

How do I choose the perfect tie?

This question is the answer to which is the key to the perfect first impression of every elegantly dressed man. Choosing a tie for a suit is a source of dilemmas and often slips and falls. Many tiemakers mistakenly believe that the only thing that should guide them is the pattern and color of the shirt. However, it is only a part of all the factors that influence the choice of the right tie. It should match the entire outfit. A sense of combining colours may help in the right combination of elements, but not everyone has one. Fortunately, there are proven clues for this.

Valuable classics in the field of ties

One of the Polish brands that offers good quality and affordable ties is Republic of Ties. Most of them are made of silk and have interesting colors and designs. They can also be used by men with non-standard height. For them there is a line of ties 12 cm longer than regular models.

There are a number of methods that can be used to select a tie according to the colour of the rest of the garment. However, we can always stay with the proven classic solution. Three universal colours, i.e. navy blue, claret and dark green, fit most of the basic colours of suits and shirts. So it is worth having at least two of these variants in your collection. The last proposal may seem unobvious - dark green is not yet very popular in Poland, but undoubtedly it should be appreciated for its ease of composing with many colors. Ties, of course, don't have to be smooth. The above colours look great as a background for white peas.

man's tie

Colour coordination

We don't have to follow the safest method, as long as we get to know a few rules of colour matching. First of all, we can bet on the tone combination. Then choose a tie from 1 to 3 tones lighter or darker than a jacket. Please note that the lighter the fabric, the better the darker the tie and vice versa. For example, a sand suit will look better with a brown tie than a cream one.

In turn a tie in the same colour as a suit or a jacket is going to work most well in dark colours for ceremonial occasions, such as a wedding (garnet) or a funeral (black).

If your tie has different coloured accents, such as geometric or floral patterns, you can combine them with your jacket or shirt. The same applies to the bars or stripes on the shirt, only here we choose a smooth tie. Upper garments aren't just one item to match. In smart casual sets, brown shoes can dictate the colour of a tie. The brown knit is perfect for this. Men who appreciate extravagance and strong colour accents can try to choose a contrasting tie.

Golden rules

In addition to the appropriate color composition, other tie rules are also responsible for the spectacular outfit. If you combine several patterns in one style (e.g. on a suit, shirt and tie), they should be of different widths. The tie must be tied carefully. A nice knot, a tightening to the neck and a tear are the conditions for a successful hairstyle.