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September 22, 2023 3:38am

Five pairs of shoes that I have to find in the men's wardrobe

The shoes we choose for ourselves grow up with us. In elementary school, all that mattered was that they were, in high school, that they were comfortable and look good, but when a man becomes mature, he starts to notice the importance of appearance, and shoes are one of the first eye-catching elements.

  1. Brown leather Brogsy

They owe their elegant appearance to their history. These are shoes in brown tones, which are made of leather. These shoes have special holes that are now decorative, but were once worn by Irish and Scottish field workers who often leaked their shoes. The holes speeded up the drying process, and as the years passed, they became more and more popular, and now, thanks to their versatility, they become one of the most important elements of men's wardrobe. We have a few shades to choose from, but for each gentleman there is a model that will fit every composition.

  1. Black leather Oxford

The greatest classic! They are often confused with Derby shoes, but the difference is the closed top (side of the shoe with holes for shoelaces) in the former. Nothing can make your style as elegant as these shoes, whether you care about it or just want the comfort you need. As always, it is recommended to take care of your shoes so that you don't forget to polish and polish your shoes.

  1. Suede Loafers

They used to be known as Indian moccasins. In 1960, with the help of the "Mods" subculture, they took over the United States, and today they are a necessary element of every well-dressed man's wardrobe. Not only stylish, but also extremely comfortable and versatile. You'll find it easy to find what you like in spring and summer, as they're the best option for the heat. They fit best in light styling and look good - whether you wear them with socks or on your barefoot. Suede doesn't like the rain, but even if you like the weather, pay attention to the way you dry them, which will require you to leave them on a rolled newspaper to pull water out of your shoes.

  1. Leather Daggers

Slide-on ankle boots, which used to be associated with riding, but are now very popular. Their rubber inserts make them very comfortable - easy to insert and remove. These, in turn, are most suitable for autumn weather, because they are solid and built-up, but also very versatile. Daggers are, above all, ideal shoes for everyday use. As with any shoe, you can't forget to take care of them.

men's shoes

  1. White leather sneakers

Classics are based on simplicity and although their name sounds very ordinary, there is no better material for shoes for every occasion. They are increasingly flooding red carpets, surprisingly, but they can't be denied what men's shoes should have. Subtle sneakers will find their place both at the suit and at the sweater.


This is a short list of different models of shoes that may or may not be in your wardrobe. It is worth making a few proposals, but before that you should ask yourself about your own personality and style preferences, and then bet on such footwear that will be the most appropriate.