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December 8, 2023 1:16pm

Affordable jackets for motorcycle tourism

Many of us mistakenly believe that a motorcycle jacket must cost a fortune. This is not true, however, and models with high quality materials and workmanship can be obtained at prices below 1000 zł. This is due to widely available technologies, which in the past were intended only for the most expensive brands. The table below presents five excellent items, the most expensive of which does not exceed PLN 700. You can take them on any expedition, close or very far away. The most important aspect in the selection was quality and safety, but each product has a great appearance.

Our proposals for motorcycle jackets

The first one in the set is a two-ply tourist jacket Ozone Tour II. It was made of two very durable and resistant to weather and mechanical factors materials: polyester 600D and nylon 1000D. A detachable, breathable REISSA membrane has been added for protection against rain. On the sleeves and torso there is an extensive ventilation with long ducts. This will allow effective protection against the heat. The standard model also includes certified elbow and shoulder protectors. The jacket can be purchased in a women's or men's version for 499 PLN.

Another proposal is Ozone Explorer II. This jacket has three layers and will work well on any route. It is protected against rain by a detachable REISSA membrane, against cold by a warming ThermoLite podpinka and hot days can be survived by means of ventilation ducts. The jacket kit includes CE-level elbow and shoulder pads and costs 549 zł.

motorcycle jacket

Third place was taken by Rebelhorn Hiker II, which will satisfy the travelers and will prove itself in the city. It is abrasion resistant thanks to 600D polyester and 1000D nylon, which ensure the durability of the product. The jacket, like its predecessors, features a detachable membrane and ventilation ducts at the front, back and sleeves. Together with certified protectors it costs 579 PLN, both in male and female version.

The last but one proposal is Rebelhorn Cubby II, which has three solid layers adapted to the most difficult conditions of travel. Proven solutions, i.e. a detachable membrane and a warm liner, have been enriched with innovative Steel Mash panels, which protect against heat. The jacket has a detachable collar that protects against wind.

The last but no less recommended motorcycle jacket is Held Zorro. The product combines the high quality of a prestigious German brand with a low price. The jacket is tear-resistant and resistant to sunlight. The mandatory detachable diaphragm is HUMAX-Z-LINER. A warming pad and certified protector on elbows and shoulders are also included. This solid jacket for women and men can be purchased at a price of 699 PLN.

Convenient delivery

Each of the above mentioned jackets for motorcycle tourism can be ordered free of charge to the shop after prior selection in the online catalogue. There you can try on the product and decide to buy it. It's a simple and safe solution when buying motorcycle accessories. If the jacket does not meet your expectations, you leave it in the shop without any consequences.