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December 8, 2023 1:05pm

What should we pay attention to when choosing a man's shirt?

A shirt is an everyday element of every man's wardrobe and usually the activities connected with it are limited to reaching for it in the wardrobe. However, it is worth remembering that we may have a special occasion at any time, which will require us to choose a different, new proposal. In this article you will find tips on how to get ready to buy an elegant men's shirt to suit your style.

Appropriate fabric

The right fabric is first and foremost the appearance of the material, and the material is also a question of price. Special attention should be paid to the thickness of fibers from which the shirt was made. These higher shelves, sewn from 2-ply fabrics, are made of threads twisted from two fibers, which means high resistance to dents.

The universal shirt is made of cotton. This material forms the basis of the men's wardrobe! It ensures very good air circulation, but we must be careful about dents, which can be more easily formed when wearing a cotton shirt.

An alternative to the other two is a linen shirt. It's less formal and is perfect for summer styling, just like a denim shirt.

The collar itself, or something else?

Collars on men's shirts are usually stiffened, which gives them a neat look. Usually you wear underwired shirts in a collar, which should be removed before washing and inserted after ironing. If the shirt has a collar with narrowly spaced ends, we may consider adding a narrow tie (of course, considering the appropriate color scheme).

The collar and accessories should be chosen according to the type of beauty. For men with round or square faces, a straight collar will do, and for slim faces, a wide-spread collar will do.


First we should choose the length of the sleeve length of the shirt and the type of cuffs. The sleeve of the shirt should extend to the wrist about 1 cm. There are two types of cuffs to choose from. The first one is cuffs fastened with clips, giving a formal character to the styling, worn for unique occasions to tie or fly. The second is the button cuffed shirt, which is undoubtedly more common and traditional, providing an elegant look every day. Cuffs can be fastened with one, two or three buttons.

Size of shirt - how to fit?

Size is determined by the size of the collar and the shirt itself. At the collar, the circumference of the neck should be measured so that it is adjacent to the neck, but so that after the last button is fastened, there is a minimum space between the neck and the neck. The size of a shirt is determined by its height. For a good shirt, try it on and make sure the sleeves are of the right length. A well-chosen shirt should fit the body while leaving room for free movement. The length of the shirt is also important. Lift your hands up to make sure it does not slip out of your trousers.


White is a classic, but at the same time it is the safest on formal occasions. Against the background of white, every accessory in the form of a fly or tie looks best. However, if we want to choose a shirt with patterns, we have to take care of more subdued accessories and the color matched to the skin.