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February 27, 2024 4:58pm

Men's world of online shopping

Contrary to popular belief that men tend to avoid shopping, a completely different trend can be seen in many categories of products available on the Internet. Statistics show that almost half of all active male network users use e-commerce. What is more, almost 30% of respondents declare an increase in spending on this sector. Men, of course, have their favorite types of products on which they spend more.

What do e-consumers buy most often?

The latest report on the e-commerce market clearly indicates some trends in the amount of money spent, depending on the category of products. No one is surprised that the first place is occupied by household appliances, for which during the six analysed months men using online shopping spent an average of 129 PLN. The second place, with the average spent amount of 113 PLN, was taken by phones, smartphones and tablets.

However, the statistics are different for average monthly expenditure on online purchases. In this period of time, Poles are the most willing to buy shoes - they spend an average of PLN 81 per month on them. The second place is occupied by clothing, accessories and accessories with the average amount of 57 PLN. Books, CDs and films were placed at the end of the podium. Men decide to spend an average of 40 PLN per month on this entertainment company. They spend PLN 7 less on the online purchase of cinema or theatre tickets.

Comparison with the female part of consumers

The results of this study show a discrepancy in the plans for future online purchases depending on the sex of the e-consumer. Men intend to spend more in most of the product categories studied. However, there are a few groups where the difference is more significant. The largest was recorded in cars and car parts. This expenditure was planned by 34% of men and as much as 17% less women. Another category are phones, smartphones and tablets, which plan to buy 38% of male respondents and 25% of female respondents via the Internet. The third place is occupied by computer hardware with the difference of 11%. 36% of men and 25% of women want to buy it online.

Consequences for e-commerce

Such a percentage distribution clearly indicates that there are specific trends in Polish e-commerce. There are categories of products that are of greater interest to the male consumer. This, of course, gives rise to the need to adapt marketing activities to this target group. As Professor Grzegorz Mazurek from Kozminski University indicates, the male group of recipients is an opportunity for dynamic development of e-commerce, which is confirmed by declarations of increased spending on specific categories of products.

An important conclusion for e-shops is the impact of the cost of delivery of products. They are taken into account by consumers even for high quality goods. According to the e-commerce report, as many as 39% of buyers believe that delivery costs are too high.