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December 8, 2023 2:28pm

It's time to start talking! Do men care about changing their underwear?

Men's underwear has long been a taboo subject, what is the situation like today? In general terms, men can be divided into two groups: the first group includes those who still avoid this subject as if it were something embarrassing for them, and the second often includes fans of gyms who use underwear only to cover a certain part of their bodies when they want to show off their hard-earned muscles. However, in the media, the topic is still "hidden under the carpet" because few men focus on this issue. The well-known SAXX brand conducted a survey to find out how men choose their underwear.

Do you think the market is still ruled by underpants and boxers? - We're about to change that!

Surveys showed that the market is dominated by 4 types of underwear:

  • 43% choose classic boxer shorts - Boxer

  • equally 27% choose Brief slippers or a shortened boxer model - Boxer brief

  • 18% select Trunk.

  • 6% selects Long leg

You can see that the choice was large, and the market is not dominated by one style, so you can talk about comfort, for example. There's no denying, however, that classic boxer shorts win both in terms of comfort and health.

Replacing your wardrobe once a year? - Not at all!

Contrary to appearances, men take care of changing their wardrobe! The statistics show this:

  • 65% - once a quarter, when the old one is no longer usable

  • 21% - once a month

  • 14% - once a year

It is important that there is not a single answer that men buy underwear less than once a year. What can guide men who change their wardrobe once a quarter? This probably indicates the need to change the wardrobe depending on the weather conditions. If a man buys underwear once a month, it means he cares about his clothes, but if he does once a year... we prefer to assume that he has so many couples that he does not wear one every day!

Are Christmas or anniversary the occasions when we most often buy new underwear?

Unfortunately, there are no specific dates in the year when men decide to buy new underwear. Most of them do it:

  • 49% - when the old one is not fit for use

  • 6% - when going on a date

  • 3% - when a partner tells you to

  • 48% - other factors

Very interesting is the last answer, which other factor may encourage the purchase of new underwear? However, almost half of the respondents answered that they buy new underwear when they are trying to wear it, but unfortunately these are most often the same people who indicated in the previous question - once a quarter. There can be two conclusions: either men buy underwear of poor quality or men really care about what they wear. However, we are concerned about the answer that women have to remind their partners about changing their wardrobe, it is worth changing it!

Convenience, quality or perhaps style - what are the men's choices when choosing?

There is no denying that many men are opticians, so we are not surprised by the number of respondents who focus on appearance:

  • 48% - cut and colour

  • 28% - quality

  • 12% - price and brand

Despite the fact that a minority has opted for price and brand, it seems that the label still shows the quality of the product for some people. However, everyone has their own style of dress, in which they feel good, so we choose underwear that suits us and looks good. We know that more and more brands are entering the market offering high quality lingerie and we believe that by repeating the survey, more people will focus on quality!