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February 27, 2024 5:40pm

Do men's shopping must be so terrible?

Many of you would like to answer yes. Shopping with a partner is a tough nut to crack. We could simply not do it - not offer them joint trips to shopping centers, but it is difficult to do without male company, especially opinions about new creations. So how to reconcile our need for a partner to be present at our side also during shopping, with their undisguised unwillingness to do so? Finding an answer doesn't have to be very difficult at all.

Source of problem

The main reason for all male aversion to shopping is a mundane thing, namely: boredom. According to the shopping portal, only 26 minutes need to pass for men to become annoyed by the lack of specific classes to perform. Interestingly, the woman will feel tired of shopping after an average of two hours. A bored man can lead to an argument that happens to more than 50% of couples. About 30% of them spend their time shopping on benches, and another 25% of men leave their partner in the shop and return home alone. Other statistics show that as much as 73% of Poles prefer to do shopping alone, and a little over 30% completely reject the possibility of going to a shopping mall for two.

The reason for this sexual discrepancy is surprising and is the influence of evolution. As Marta Drzewiecka, Marketing Director of Silesia City Center, points out, men do not understand the amount of time spent by women on shopping, because they themselves act as predators - they hunt, they are specific. They come to the store when they have a fixed plan for what to buy, without feeling the need to spend more than an hour in it. They'd rather pay once or more. This strategy does not sound familiar to women. According to Marta Drzewiecka, they resemble collectors more. They need a lot of time to see the product range in several places, compare prices and, of course, find out what the partner thinks. They often return to the same shop because it is difficult for them to make a decision.

Shopping with a partner - but possible

Like many other union situations, joint purchases can also be made on the basis of concessions and compromises. What can we women do? First of all, let us not ask for your opinion many times, but rather within half an hour it has not changed. Let's try not to go back to the same shop a few times, and avoid shopping at weekends, because of the crowds, and on hot days. As for our partner, let's make sure he doesn't go hungry to the store and convince him that we're taking him with us, because his opinion is really important to us.

Currently, a popular solution in many shopping malls around the world are the so-called men's storage rooms. TV, newspapers and video games are available there. We can also offer them a visit to electronics stores or other articles that will interest them more than clothing or handbags. We can also use small bribery and offer a gift to our partner for the time spent shopping together.