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December 8, 2023 2:36pm

What to do to look manly in a dance - Tom Rachwalski recommends

Males attract females with their scent, voice, nest building, but also with their ability to move in a proper way. Motor skills and strength are presented to the chosen ones in order to reproduce, i.e. support the species. It follows that the human population is not very different from the animal population. In that case, can men attract the attention of women by dancing? Differentiation of dance steps can be a sign of creativity, optimism, boldness and energy to act, so that a man may seem more attractive to a woman.

The basis is the understanding of the term "masculinity".

According to the dictionary definition, masculinity is a set of characteristics typical for a man, but it is worth noting that each gentleman understands it differently, e.g. taking risks, physical strength, sexual drive or testosterone. However, the "masculine ego" should be put aside for a moment because it hinders the relationship with oneself and one's surroundings. According to Rachwalski, a man should accept the objective truth about his appearance or character, then it will be easier for him to work on himself. If you think dancing is "unmanly", you're wrong. When the theatre was founded in ancient times, it was based on dance, and as we all know, only men could be actors. Gentlemen, the dance has been in our blood for centuries and there's no denying it.

What can dancing give a man?

It allows you to develop and get to know yourself, but it also makes it easier to understand women and teaches you the right approach and gentle treatment for them. Because men often have problems with showing emotions and even more so with talking about them, dancing can be an opportunity for them to open up to the world.

The most important thing is that you can appreciate yourself

If you know your own value, the environment will also know it. Therefore, I encourage you to perform psychological tests that will help you to get to know yourself. You would be well able to list a few of your character traits, as well as your strengths. The approach to the world, women and dance depends on your self-esteem. Find out what you like about yourself, what you respect and what you would like to change.

In dancing, just like in life, you have to be responsible.

If you feel important to yourself, your partner will also feel important, so regardless of your relationship you have to take care of a woman in dance. Masculinity in dance is manifested by the way one treats one's partner.

Women don't always like to be dominated, but dancing is a different story.

If you didn't care how you dance until today, it's time to change it! You must learn to control your body and movement. If you don't feel confident in dancing, it's no reason to let go, quite the contrary. Dancing is like driving a car, if you know how it works, it's easier for you to control it. Find out where you have the quadrilateral muscle, the widest back and shoulder - it's time to use them.

And that's the whole philosophy of dance.

The ability to appreciate oneself, responsibility and the art of driving are the three most important pillars of masculinity that you should remember in dance. Therefore, have the courage to express yourself in dance and show the world your value.