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December 8, 2023 1:32pm

The magic of horseback riding

Not everyone feels good in the gym or pool. Some people are looking for something else, a sport that can take over all life and most of their free time, but also bring infinite satisfaction. Riding, because it is an engaging hobby, which is still enjoying growing popularity thanks to the variety of benefits that it brings to horse riding enthusiasts. Unfortunately, like most sports, there are factors that make it impossible to practice this great hobby.

The beginnings of the equestrian adventure

Many of us are now asking ourselves the question - but how do we get started? You certainly don't have to have your own stable or a horse with a pedigree. At the beginning, there is enough enthusiasm and, above all, love for animals. The uniqueness of this sport lies in the extraordinary relationship between man and horse. They become partners, so they have to trust each other. They're often called "couples."

After enrolling in an equestrian school we can rent a helmet from it. Of course, it is crucial to find a stable providing horse riding education services under the supervision of a qualified instructor with qualifications issued by the Polish Equestrian Federation. Learning how to ride a horse starts with riding a lunge in the tarsus. The time will come for independent horse riding after mastering the broadly understood basics. Everything breaks down to gain knowledge about the horse's behaviour, without which no progress will be possible.

What does dealing with these beautiful animals teach you? Above all, we become empathic because we need to be sensitive to the behaviour and needs of the creature we want to work with. Riding is also a teaching of humility - a horse will not always listen to us, especially at the beginning of our struggle. We must not give up, and instead we should focus on forming a bond with the animal. Horseback riding is an opportunity for a rider to experience the environment with all his senses, engaging him wholeheartedly in what he is doing.

Healthy physical activity

The advantage of this sport, and at the same time a hobby, is the possibility to practice it at any age. You can ride a horse for your own pleasure, relaxation and communion with nature, but you can also train under the guidance of professionals and compete in competitions. Even a three-year-old child can become a small rider. On the other hand, it's never too late to try horseback riding either. But no matter what age we are, before we start our own or our child's education, we should find out whether there are any contraindications to practising this sport. One of them may be an allergy to horsehair, which is difficult to detect before a closer contact with the horse. Another important obstacle, not only for horse riding, but for any sport, may be diseases of the spine and hips. While riding in the saddle we run different muscles than during everyday activities. So we should not push ourselves and exaggerate with effort at the beginning. Later on we will feel that we are gradually developing the necessary muscle groups and it will be easier for us to coordinate the horse's movement.