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September 22, 2023 3:55am

The embodiment of women's desires - Ryan Gosling - betrays his hobby!

Canadian actor known for his many series and films - a symbol of masculinity and strength, desired by women all over the world.... Ryan Gosling, because he is in question, recently admitted what his way of relieving stress and regenerating after long hours spent on the set is. Many women will certainly be delighted that this extremely masculine, handsome and sexy guy likes to... ...hand jobs!

Young Hercule with wires in his hands?

The dynamic development of an actor's career definitely makes it impossible to list all the films in which he had the opportunity to play. Known for his role as Hercules in a family series, he was already considered an exceptionally talented and handsome young man. As the years passed, Ryan Gosling became brave and embodied women's dreams - masculine, courageous and tender, yet unimaginably handsome. None of the ladies suspected him of such a shocking confession - a mature 38-year-old man and wires? Oh, yeah!

Ryan Gosling admitted in a conversation with "GQ" magazine that he enjoyed knitting. He believes that this activity is the most relaxing activity in the world! You can admit that he is right, because focusing on monotonous activity undoubtedly allows you to calm down and relax. Calm emotions do not prevent the brain from regenerating, and the result of such a hobby is... handcrafted wardrobe elements or original decorations!

It all started on the set of one movie...

In 2007, Ryan Gosling worked on Lars' Love. Then he had the opportunity to spend a day that profoundly changed his life. Boring himself on the set, the actor was accompanied by a group of elderly ladies who knitted on the wires. He asked them for instructions and started trying this play himself... As he admits, it was the most relaxing day of his life!

From now on, God's women cannot imagine any other way to relax. His dream way of spending a day? Knitting! The actor has discovered his passion and fulfills himself in it, so... maybe it's worth taking an example from him?

Knitting as a way to get bored and relaxed

Such a mundane activity as knitting is stereotypically attributed to elderly women and bored retirees who have no strength for other activities. It turns out, however, that such a perception of handicrafts is harmful and, moreover, completely outdated. Currently, designers and fashion lovers are knitting, tired corporate employees, tired mothers and all those looking for relaxation. Wiring helps to calm down and relax, and at the same time allows you to create original accessories, wardrobe elements or decorations for your home. As the actor himself emphasizes, it is possible to give someone a scarf, not necessarily perfect, but original and made by himself.