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February 27, 2024 5:36pm

How can a hobby help your career?

Personal interests and private ways to spend time - that's what hobbies are all about. This aspect of life is usually associated with nonprofessional functioning, but it turns out that it can significantly affect your career. What is the relationship between hobbies and professional development and what is the importance of private interests for the potential employer?

Hobbies as an asset

Self-development is as important in everyday life as work. Development does not have to mean only professional career, because apart from this aspect of life, it is important to fulfill one's own dreams and pursue passions. It's obvious, but why is hobby an asset in the eyes of the employer? People with passions and personal goals are seen as being happier, better organized and more positive about life. This perception is not far from reality. A hobby fulfills a number of functions in the life of a person and there are many reasons why it is worth having them!

Beneficial impact on mental and emotional functioning

Although it sounds pretty high-flying, the way we spend our time after work is crucial for every human being. You can spend your free time sleeping, watching TV or playing on your smartphone - these are common ways to use every free minute. However, these activities do not have a very positive effect on the functioning of the human nervous system and do not allow for full recovery. Of course, sleep is important, but its excess also turns out to be not very beneficial. This is where the hobby comes into play, which allows you to calm down stress, calm nerves and reduce tension. Regardless of the type of activity, a positive attitude towards it can work miracles!

Positive impact on the interview process....

There is a special field in your CV where you should briefly describe your interests. Leaving it empty is a little risky, especially if there are many candidates for the position. Employers prefer interesting, original and eye-catching applications, and the hobby is one of the elements in which you can go crazy! An intriguing record will certainly make the recruiter invite the candidate for an interview and get to know him better. It is worth remembering, however, not to go too crazy... Too controversial, or even vulgar, provisions will certainly not be welcomed.

...and career development!

A hobby can become an inspiration to create your own, original and customized projects. It is also a great motivator for action - everyone wants to do what they like every day and at the same time earn money on it. Just find a way to turn your interests into business, create a plan and you can start developing your business! On the basis of passion you can also build your social contacts, and as we know - often a random, privately met person can become an important foundation for career development. As you can see - it is worth having a hobby and developing interests!