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February 27, 2024 5:17pm

March 8th, where did the women's holiday come from?

Let's sit down for a moment in a time machine... In ancient Rome was known the feast called Matronalia. It was the first week of March and was related to maternity and fertility. On this special day, husbands fulfilled their wives' wishes and covered them with gifts. Fortunately, on March 28, 1909, after the riots and strikes in New York, the tradition was once again included in the calendars and we still celebrate it today. Every year, however, men ask themselves the same question: how to buy a gift for Women's Day?

What do men buy for their loved ones?

This year, as many as 75% of men intend to celebrate this special day, according to the Provident Barometer. Among the ideas for a gift for women's day we will find standard proposals for the purchase of flowers and chocolates, and some men will decide to buy a small gift. However, there are men who do not plan anything for this day, they include singles, as well as people who do not recognize the women's holiday. "Money doesn't give happiness", but exchanging it for trinkets can make the recipients a lot of fun.

Bumpy or old-fashioned? No, it's not!

Contrary to appearances, giving flowers is not so easy, because if it is obvious that red roses are a symbol of love, then few people know that pink means friendship, gratitude and appreciation. For some, white tulips may be useful, which in addition to purity and innocence also symbolize forgiveness. Przemysław Kasza, an expert in market research at Provident Polska, confirms that according to the results, over 60% of the respondents will present flowers to women and 20% will buy a small gift. Interestingly, a few percent decided to do something special and organize a party or devote their beloved's time to spend it at their own discretion.

Why don't some men celebrate Women's Day?

Women's Day is an important holiday for Poles, according to research, only 20% of men do not intend to celebrate this day in any way. The argument they're making is that..:

  • 56% do not have a loved one to celebrate this day with

  • 19% do not recognize the holiday

  • 10% indicates that they can't afford to afford a transient

  • 6% give their beloved one every day

These results mean that many men would celebrate women's day if they had someone to share it with. The words of appreciation are due to gentlemen who take care of their loved ones every day.

How much do men spend on gifts for their partners and what does it depend on?

As it turns out, the expenses are related to age, younger men find it easier to bear the costs by giving a gift to their beloved. The Provider's expert informs that the average amount that a man spends on Women's Day is about 60 PLN. People aged 29-39 will spend on average 80 zlotys. Gentlemen over 59 years of age will earn an expense of 30 PLN. Probably with age it is better to understand that it is more important to show your feelings and that a gift is only a symbol.

How do women perceive their holiday?

Many women would like to be treated exceptionally on this day and receive recognition and respect. Most often, flowers or a trifle are enough as a gift to the ladies, which means that the man hasn't forgotten his beloved's holy day. With age, however, women are indifferent to this holiday and even consider it to be of little importance.

Provident also decided to check what women in life gives them reasons to be proud of, and what makes them happy:

  • more than 50% are satisfied with their achievements in family life

  • 20% satisfactory personal development

  • 7% enjoy their professional life

Statistics have shown that the traditional approach still prevails, so private life is more important than career achievements.