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December 8, 2023 2:13pm

Why do men buy big cars? Interview with a sexologist

Penis length is the subject of many anecdotes or jokes. But is it really as important as the masculine part of society attributes to it? Boris Kossakowski talked about this and other topics with sexologist Daniel Cysarz.

Borys Kossakowski: In my opinion, many experts have already spoken about the size of the penis. Nevertheless, there is still a great deal of conjecture and myth in this matter. Why would I do that?

Daniel Cysarz: This is the aftermath of numerous urban legends and myths on the subject. Optimal thickness, length, humorous comparison with others. A kind of social pressure causes the penis to have to meet many expectations in the opinion of men.

Which is weird, because you don't usually see him.

Evolutionary penis length has no meaning whatsoever. Almost everyone is able to effectively impregnate a woman. The opposite is true for women's breasts and bottoms. The optimal width of the hips used to confirm that the woman would manage to give birth, and the right breast size guaranteed proper breastfeeding of the newborn baby.

Do frequent fears of men translate into reality? Have you ever heard of history when a woman ostentatiously left her bedroom for a known reason?

Definitely not. Fears are caused by anxiety, many of which developed during school and adolescence. Men often see the causes of their sexual failures in the length of the penis, which in the majority of cases is completely unfounded. Usually, the problem is with low self-confidence, which the woman is, of course, able to sense.

If the problem is indeed one of men's exuberant fears, why is it so common in literature or films? I'm sure you'll associate the scene with Trainspotting.

From my experience I can say that it's about fantasies and fears of screenwriters. I don't see any other justification. Women are really surprised to hear stories about the immense fears of men. For them, the subject is rather indifferent. Even if they tease their partners for this reason or allow themselves to be clipped, it is rather due to their male grumbling, which they sincerely hate.

Why is the penis often treated as a separate entity?

The point is that we have a much greater influence on other parts of the body. We can tighten our fists, lift our legs or bend our arms. The penis is not always listened to (laughs). The more we care about something, the more often it fails. The body is sometimes malignant for us, which hurts twice as much when we approach a new partner or a woman we care about especially strongly.

Do you think that penis enlargement makes sense and is it even possible?

For obvious reasons, the methods advertised on the Internet, i.e. magic ointments or tablets, do not work. There is a possibility of surgical penis lengthening, but this is an option aimed at men who are able to risk complications for 2 or 3 extra centimeters. The key problem is the lack of acceptance of one's own bodies. Once the two people fit together well, everything will be fine and the centimetres will not play any role. You won't need a big car either. Everyone should remember that.