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September 22, 2023 4:50am

What is the characteristics of a successful man's car?

For many people, the car is definitely more than just a machine that allows them to move smoothly from A to B. Men often treat a car as their business card, pride, and confirmation of their status. By acquiring any kind of achievement, they want to boast about it. So what does a successful man's car look like?

Dr. Tony Little and his research

Tony Little, a scientist from the University of Stirling, explored the correlation between the type of car and the character of its owner. The results accompanying the long-term research surprised public opinion. It turns out that such links exist. According to Little, sports car owners are often light-hearted, feminine and adventurous. They want to discover the world, avoiding permanent settlement in one place. Limousine owners are consistent, have no problems with self-confidence, but their diligence makes them have problems with social life. Drivers in urban vehicles of any price category are usually friendly and family-friendly. Admittedly, they cannot be called hit people, but they do arouse sympathy. On the other hand, men who decide to drive off-road vehicles are usually tough guys who cannot be denied some kind of sensitivity.

According to a Scottish scientist, a successful man's car is usually SUV. Perfectly combines features confirming masculinity, as well as delicacy and self-confidence. It is perfect for endless verteps as well as in the urban jungle. It is the embodiment of the qualities desired by every man.


Development of vehicles from the SUV segment - a successful guy's cars

The greatest boom in popularity of SUVs occurred during the period of shaping the image of a modern gentleman. The boom took place at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. At that time in the United States, where today's city and terrain cars reign, the archetype of the man changed to a more caring, family and sensible person.

Why is an SUV a car for a man of success?

The SUV car is versatile because it has the characteristics of a passenger car and off-road vehicle. It's as comfortable as a limousine, but it can show a claw. On the road it works no worse than a sports vehicle, which allows you to feel pressed into the seat during acceleration. In the urban space it impresses with its manoeuvrability, so it is perfect for such circumstances as well. A man of success needs a car that will never let him down, and an SUV is the perfect match for that.

A guy who has achieved success is keen on a multi-purpose car. Of course, it must look luxurious. A real man also remembers to be safe for himself and his family. It turns out that the choice of the right model is influenced not only by taste, but also by biological conditions.