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September 22, 2023 4:52am

The car as the most important business card of every man

A man with a car is definitely more attractive for the opposite sex than a man with no car. In no case, however, is it a question of confirming masculinity with the number of horsepower. Lack of a car may indicate low social status, unreasonable financial management or too loose approach to life. What conclusions can women draw from a car, i.e. men's business cards?

What do cars and shoes have in common?

The Italian writer, Andrea Silvuni, who is also an analyst in shoe design, confirms that shoes and cars have a lot in common. According to the researcher, both these objects refer to similar characteristics of people, thanks to which on their basis one can learn many things about human character. In this context, it is worth paying attention not only to the type, but also to the color or the smallest design details.

Many years of research have allowed Silvuni to distinguish several basic groups. City car enthusiasts are combined with the popular flip flops. They live spontaneously, willingly experience new things and value functionality. The second category is made up of vehicle enthusiasts from the B autosegment. They are organized, well-bred, classy and tactful. Small cars allow them to lead a social life that they like very much.

The owners of D-segment cars decide to buy elegant shoes. They are characterized by self-control, resistance to stress, and the desire to achieve success in their lives. According to the Italian, the flip-flops and sandals fit conflict-free crossover owners, which is a bit surprising. With an urban- terrain SUVA, the driver confirms his reasonableness and natural leadership qualities. However, when necessary, he can show claws and character.

What does the colour of the car say about the character of the owner?

Axalt's 2013 report showed a clear correlation between the temperament of the car owner and its colour. According to the results of the months-long survey, the most satisfied with life are the drivers driving white, navy blue and silver vehicles. The white color also emphasizes the innate honesty and elegant character. The owners of the yellow and blue models are slightly attentive, like to be the center of attention and willing to play the role of adorers. The survey also confirms that people with yellow and red cars are temperamental, but have problems with low self-esteem and a pessimistic approach to life.

Research carried out by scientists from all over the world confirm the existence of a link between a car and its features and the driver. This allows you to learn many things about a person by looking only at his or her vehicle. Apart from the correlation concerning temperament, type of preferred shoe, character traits, the car also informs about the approach to relationships, life and financial management methods.