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February 27, 2024 6:59pm

Is the driver's character related to his preferred car brand?

Many researchers and scientists have taken up the challenge of testing the correlation between the temperament and character of drivers and the brand of car they prefer. Numerous reports have been produced to confirm such links. Does the personality really relate to the type of car?

Which brands are the least polite on the road?

British television Dave conducted a survey in 2017 to select the least polite drivers and their vehicles. Nearly 55% of the respondents confirmed that they had at least one roadshort circuit with the owner of the BMW M3. On the basis of daily observations it can be concluded that in Poland the results would be very similar.

Such a car is usually chosen by relatively young people who travel without their families. This, of course, affects road bravado, fast speeds and the number of trips they cause. Arrogance behind the wheel is also poured out during traffic jams or waiting at a red light. Owners of what brands have been placed on the next positions? Interestingly, both the second and third place are representatives of the premium segment. The Range Rover and Audi TT were followed by the Range Rover and Audi TT. From a survey by British journalists it can be concluded that there is a lack of culture on the road to some kind of relationship to the wealth of the portfolio. The result is thought-provoking, but it is worth remembering that the above test does not have a hundred percent verifiability in reality.

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On the other side of the ranking there is also a representative from the BMW stable.

In the same survey, respondents from the UK also pointed to the brands of cars with the most pleasant owners on the road. Interestingly, another BMW representative is on the opposite side of the ranking. The drivers found the MINI car owners to be the most polite. In this case, the common stereotype also has a grain of truth in it. Respondents pointed to this brand because they believe that it is most often used by women with impeccable personal culture.

What color of the car does the driver choose for a particular temperament?

For many people, the colour of the car does not play a significant role and does not mainly shape their purchasing decisions. A large part of the population agrees with this, confirming the thesis. However, people often do not realize that they do certain behaviors subconsciously.

Other reports confirm the link between the preferred colour of the vehicle and the owner's character. It is recognised that silver cars are driven by people who are universal but have a relatively high social status. The blue colour of the lacquer indicates a gentle disposition and great empathy towards other participants of the movement. Less popular yellow or orange confirm the desire to constantly stand out from the crowd. If you are driving a green car around the city, you are sure to be gentle and comply with all traffic regulations.